Printing Credit Card Processing Solutions from Century Business Solutions

High business volume: a double-edged sword

For a printing business, a heavy workload means more potential revenue, but also higher printing credit card processing fees and more time spent reconciling invoices at the end of the day. Bearing this in mind, Century Business Solutions has developed many printing credit card processing solutions designed to not only save time, but also increase your total revenue. Whether you choose to use one of our integrated solutions such as the one with PrintMatics, or just use a gateway to process payments, we can help lower your cost.

Benefits of using a printing credit card processing solution:

We designed both of these printing credit card processing solutions to pass more line item data from transactions, which means we garner lower base fees from Visa, MasterCard, and card-issuing banks—the lowest fees available, in fact.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, we also guarantee our clients:

  • Total PCI compliance, so we assume complete liability for your account.
  • A written comparison detailing the savings we will provide you.
  • Unlimited, complimentary access to our 24-hour support line, which is always local and never outsourced.
  • A dedicated Business Relations Manager who will oversee your account and review your statement with you monthly if you so choose.

We set ourselves apart from others by providing specific printing credit card processing solutions that we tailor to your business, as well as unrivaled support and a completely unparalleled fee structure. We would love to show you how one of our solutions will improve your business procedures and even give you more total revenue—just call (888) 500-7798

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