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3 Reasons to Take Mobile Payments

Since Square brought it to the mainstream, nearly anyone nowadays can accept credit card payments, and they don’t even need merchant accounts to do so—it’s the ultimate in convenience.  But, aside from convenience, what’s the draw?  Is the cost really worth it?  Is it [...]

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The Cost of PCI Compliance

I need not tell you PCI compliance is a hot issue.  Especially with data breaches on everyone’s mind, keeping cardholder data safe is of the utmost importance.  For a variety of reasons security falls by the wayside, however, and the reason I want to [...]

Why Mobile Payments Are Here to Stay

  To say we’re living in a changing environment in the payments world would be an understatement.  In the world of payment processing, mobile payments are officially the hottest thing since Death Valley, narrowly edging out EMV, which at this point is more like [...]

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The Safest Kinds of Credit Cards [Infographic]

Consumers today are concerned about security when using credit cards. And it's understandable why—it seems as though new data breaches are unearthed every day, with big-name brands suffering from the loss of thousands or even millions of consumer records. People want to know what [...]