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Get Work Done and Have Fun Too: Productivity during the Holiday Season

If you Google “productivity during the holidays,” your results page will flood with a mixed bag of results ranging from “9 Strategies to Boost Employee Productivity during the Holiday Season” to “‘Tis the Season to Goof Off at Work and That’s Good for Productivity.” [...]

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Boost Productivity with Business Process Automation

Business process automation is one of the best ways to increase efficiency and boost profitability. With today’s rapidly changing technology, increasing automation is crucial to remaining competitive and keeping your customers satisfied. In fact, companies lose 20-30% of their potential revenue due to poor [...]

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2 Payment Innovations to Boost Your Business

Has the Information Age run its course? The court of public opinion hasn’t reached a verdict yet, but no one disagrees that technological development continues to progress at lightning speeds. The dial-up days are far behind us, and the imminent introduction of 5G promises [...]

Team Member Engagement: How to Identify and Leverage Strengths

In an era marked by low employee engagement and high burnout rates, managers are striving to create cohesive teams that produce quality work and offer innovative ideas. What’s the secret to unlocking each team member’s true potential? Engagement, defined as involvement in, enthusiasm about, [...]

Workplace Burnout: What, Who, Why, and What Now

What is it? “Workplace burnout.” It’s a phrase often tossed around, and its prevalence is trending steadily upward. The World Health Organization has upgraded it from a “state” to an “occupational phenomenon” in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases, and committed [...]

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How to Find the Best ISO Agent Program

If you’re looking to build an independently operated business with outstanding long-term income potential, you may be interested in finding the best ISO agent program. A great ISO agent program maximizes your revenue by offering generous revenue sharing through residual pay plans and SPIFF [...]

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Accept Payments through Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Transaction Entry

Currently, Microsoft Dynamics does not offer a way to process credit cards. Merchants who want to accept payments through Microsoft Dynamics GP sales transaction entry need to use a payment module that integrates with GP. Implementing an integrated payment module may seem complicated, but [...]

The Best Way to Email Invoices from QuickBooks Online

Emails abide by your schedule. You can respond once the kids go to bed, in between work meetings, or during awkward elevator rides. They’re a convenient and increasingly popular way to communicate. Merchants who email invoices to their customers make their lives and their [...]

Best Way to Take Credit Card Payments in SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a comprehensive ERP system that can help your business stay organized and well-managed. But here’s a pivotal question: How are you processing credit cards? Some companies using SAP Business One process credit cards outside of their SAP system. If that’s [...]