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Niki is a writer for Century Business Solutions covering integrated payments, credit card processing, and how to increase payment efficiency.

Century Announces Roadmap for Epicor Kinetic Integrated Payment Application

BLOG Century Announces Roadmap for Epicor Kinetic Integrated Payment Application 05/04/2021 Niki Blois Digital Marketing Specialist and Content Editor Share this [...]

How to Avoid Chargebacks: 4 Tips to Protect and Prepare Your Business

by Niki Blois March 24, 2021 Last Updated: March 24, 2021 Chargebacks are a frustrating, but often inevitable, part of running a business. Even with all the right pieces in place, businesses will mess up, a [...]


Storing Credit Card Information: The Good, The Bad, and The Plain Ugly

by Niki Blois March 17, 2021 Last Updated: March 17, 2021 Storing credit card information requires due diligence from merchants. They have a responsibility to keep customer credit card data safe and create a secure environment. [...]

2021-04-14T13:10:25-07:00Payment Security|

12 Tips to Increase Magento Performance, Reliability, and Profits

by Robert Rand February 10, 2021 Last Updated: February 10, 2021 The Magento eCommerce platform provides your business with lots of flexibility and room to grow and thrive. While that’s a tremendous asset, it means it’s [...]

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How Can Your ERP Support the Latest Business Trends?

by Lloyd Smith February 3, 2021 Last Updated: February 3, 2021 The business world is undergoing seismic shifts. Every industry and every occupation is changing in some way. Over the past year, we’ve helped businesses adapt [...]