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You Can Surcharge on Credit Card Transactions—But Should You?

What is a surcharge? It’s a small fee imposed on credit card transactions in order to offset a merchant’s credit card processing costs. If a business owner imposed a 3% surcharge on credit card transactions, for example, an item with a list price of [...]

The Evolution of Accounting: The Rise of Robots

“Is Artificial Intelligence Set to Replace Accountants in the Future?” “Should Accountants Be Worried About Artificial Intelligence?” “Will Accountants Become Obsolete?” Accountants are not the only professionals whose job parameters will shift drastically with the introduction of artificial intelligence—a University of Oxford study estimates [...]


The Evolution of Accounting: 4 Career Branches

“Accounting” and “tax preparation” have become fairly synonymous since the government began leveraging income tax in 1913, but both the history and the profession of accountancy encompass much more than tax claims. The stereotype of white-collar workers who sit in their offices, frantically filing [...]


The Evolution of Accounting: From Chicken Trading to Robot Computing

Accounting in the Past: A Profession Older than Writing It’s difficult to picture an accountant or bookkeeper at work without including some kind of technological innovation in the mental image—even a rudimentary one, like a calculator or adding machine. But the accountancy profession, in [...]