How to Find the Best QuickBooks Hosting Company

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If your company uses QuickBooks to manage finances, you may be limited to how and where you’re able to access the software.

Normally, you can log in to QuickBooks from your office computer, but what if you need to manage finances on the go? Your QuickBooks access shouldn’t be limited to just one location.

With QuickBooks hosting, you can access your QuickBooks Desktop software from anywhere, giving you access to current QuickBooks data at all times.

Plus, QuickBooks hosting provides extra data security— including automatic data backups and highly secure servers—and gives you peace of mind that sensitive data is kept off your private servers.

Here’s how QuickBooks hosting works and how to find the best QuickBooks hosting company for your business.

What is QuickBooks Desktop hosting?

QuickBooks Desktop hosting is when a third-party company hosts (or stores) your QuickBooks software in the cloud, using highly secure servers in a protected facility.

With a traditional QuickBooks system, the software is located on the hard drive of your computer. With QuickBooks hosting, the software is stored online in the cloud, not on your private server.

QuickBooks hosting is like online banking, Netflix, or Dropbox—instead of opening an application on your desktop, you go online and log in to access your account.

QuickBooks Desktop hosting does not require a network. Instead, businesses can use the internet to safely access their QuickBooks software and data.

Is QuickBooks hosting safe?

The short answer? Yes! You just need to find a hosting provider dedicated to security.

Find a QuickBooks hosting provider that uses firewalls, anti-virus technology, multi-layer access controls, and encryption to protect sensitive data. The provider should manage all upgrades, constantly monitor data, and perform regular backups to ensure that all data is continuously saved and archived.

Important features to look for:

With QuickBooks Desktop hosting, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your software. A great QuickBooks hosting provider should be agile, easy to use, enhance collaboration and workflow, and provide the following features:

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Turnkey solution: Look for a hosting provider that manages the software updates, data, and equipment and provides exceptional technical support.

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Seamless installation: The installation should be handled for you. Simply provide your licensed copy of QuickBooks and let the hosting provider take care of the rest.

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Secured backups: A good hosting provider will back up your data and save it in their secure cloud-based vault.

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Guaranteed server availability: Find a hosting provider that guarantees “always up” server availability so you never have to worry about connectivity issues.

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Simultaneous access: Make sure you have full remote desktop access to your hosting environment, allowing you to run multiple programs at once.

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QuickBooks add-on control: You should have full control of all QuickBooks add-ons to ensure you never have an issue with add-on compatibility.

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Multiple hosting options: A good hosting provider will offer both dedicated and non-dedicated hosting options.


How to find the best QuickBooks hosting company

An affordable QuickBooks hosting provider, such as Century Business Solutions, will deliver high-quality service at a fair price, plus a free credit card module to process your credit card payments directly in QuickBooks.

To find the best QuickBooks hosting company, look for free, 24/7 live support that can monitor and troubleshoot your problems in real time. The provider should handle the installation and setup for you—no training necessary. You’ll also want to protect your data with automatic data backups and behind-the-scenes maintenance, giving you peace of mind that your sensitive information is always kept safe.

With QuickBooks Desktop hosting, there’s no need to invest in new hardware or maintenance—the provider should take care of that for you.

Don’t waste valuable revenue on expensive infrastructure you’ll need to install and maintain. Instead, follow these tips to find the best QuickBooks hosting company for your business.


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