We all enjoy the little things in life.

A secret back road no one drives down during rush hour. A friendly face among a sea of strangers. A credit card statement with a lower fee than anticipated.

Well, when it comes to entering credit card transactions in QuickBooks Online, there’s something similar to a lesser-known back road, a friendly face, or a low processing fee.

It’s called payment integration.

An integrated payment system allows you to break free from other merchant services high processing fees and indifferent customer service.

Many QuickBooks Online payment integrations save you money, time, and provide added benefits, like 24/7 customer service and chargeback assistance.

Payment integration will provide:


Lower processing costs

Month after month, you get charged for accepting credit cards. The higher your sales, the more you owe in processing fees.

Although processing fees are inevitable when you accept credit cards, they don’t need to drain you of your resources.

Payment integrations often secure low processing fees and can save your business a lot of money over time. Payment integrations like EBizCharge promise to lower processing costs by 12 to 43%. That means if you’re paying an average of $1,000 a month in processing fees, it’s possible to save $430 each month or $5,160 a year.


In-house support

Big companies typically outsource their customer service, which leaves you high and dry when problems arise. You get placed on hold, transferred to different representatives, and struggle to understand their thickly-accented words.

This runaround might be fine and dandy if you’re retired and have time to kill. But that’s not your reality.

Save time and use an integrated payment processor that comes with a 24/7 in-house support team. Then when your batch isn’t cleared or transactions aren’t going through, a live support member will be on standby to quickly resolve the issue.


Chargeback assistance

Finally, if you enter credit card transactions in QuickBooks Online, you should know that chargeback help exists.

Many businesses waste hours disputing chargebacks and navigating through the paperwork. Unfortunately, many businesses also lose a lot of money in the process. In 2017, those losses totaled a staggering $31 billion dollars, according to a report by Javelin.

A chargeback management team saves you time and money. Select integrated payment processors offer complimentary chargeback assistance.

Chargeback management teams notify you when you receive a chargeback and then walk you through the steps on how to best respond. They’ll submit your response and any necessary documentation.

chargeback stats

Image from Chargebacks911.com

Are all payment integrations the same?

No, of course not.

Not all QuickBooks Online payment integrations will lower processing costs and provide in-house support and chargeback assistance.

But some do.

Find a payment processor that will save you time and money, like EBizCharge.

EBizCharge guarantees you savings of 15 to 43% off of your current processing costs and equips you with 24/7 in-house support and a proactive chargeback management team.

Other perks include:

  • $0 setup fees, $0 upgrade fees, $0 maintenance fees
  • No contract
  • Transparent pricing
  • Simplified statement
  • One point of contact
  • Next-day funding options


So what should you know if you enter credit card transactions in QuickBooks Online?

Simply that many integrated payment solutions bring a lot more to the table than Intuit merchant services. Lower processing costs, in-house customer support, and chargeback assistance alone will save your business time and money.

So do some research and find a QuickBooks Online payment integration that keeps money in your pocket and saves you time.