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Top 4 Benefits of Sage Mobile Payments

Is your business mobile-friendly? No one wants to lose customers because they can’t accept mobile credit card payments. Help your business grow with Sage mobile payments, a payment solution that lets you manage payments and get paid on the go. To get started, look for a mobile payment app, such as EBizCharge, that accepts Sage mobile payments. Here are four benefits of using Sage mobile payments for your business.

1. Efficiency

Sage mobile payments integrate directly with your Sage ERP software, allowing you to move seamlessly between the app and your desktop software. Once a transaction is run, it syncs back to Sage, so there’s no manual reconciling. Simply run a credit card and move on. Easily create invoices, issue refunds, and manage customer profiles with the peace of mind that all your data is automatically updated in your Sage software in the office.

Sage mobile payments provide greater flexibility and ease to your ability to accept payments. The mobile payment application allows you to operate your business on the go and accept payments in diverse locations, such as tradeshows, industry events, craft shows and customers’ homes. Engage with potential customers with your tablet or phone in hand, ready to accept payments in an instant. The ability to accept payments with your mobile device allows you to deal with customers quickly and painlessly, improving the customer experience and your overall productivity.

2. Payment security

PCI compliance plays a huge role in payment processing. Make sure to find a Sage mobile payment solution that is PCI compliant, such as EBizCharge, to protect your sensitive customer data and securely save customer information for repeat use. The solution should be protected by encryption, tokenization, and TLS 1.2, so you can rest easy knowing your customers’ information is safe.

Tokenization is a secure method to save credit cards so they can be reused in the future. A token, which consists of random numbers, is created for each credit card you process. That token replaces the original credit card number, leaving only the last four digits behind to make the card recognizable. The actual card data is sent to a secure off-site vault. Tokenization saves you time by allowing you to access credit card data for repeat customers without much effort.

A Sage mobile payment solution that is not PCI-compliant could result in a severe data breach and cause thousands of dollars in credit card fraud. Processing with a PCI-compliant solution minimizes security risks and protects your business from hefty fines.

3. Cost-effective

All you need to start accepting Sage mobile payments through your mobile device is the mobile application and a merchant account with a payment processor. A mobile payment solution can be low cost if you choose a payment processor that offers flat rate pricing—this will likely save you more money in the long run.

A payment processor that offers flat rate pricing can provide lower fees and rates than traditional payment processors. That’s because the integrated solution sends more information with each transaction and qualifies cards at lower processing rates.

Flat rate pricing guarantees one flat rate no matter what. You’ll know in advance exactly what your processing fees will be without any surprises. With flat rate pricing, your business will receive one simple statement each month with a predictable rate. Choose this plan to get an affordable rate while also being less involved in monitoring your transactions.

Stay away from any provider that offers a tiered pricing option. Tiered pricing will increase your processing rates. With tiered pricing, processors typically offer a qualified rate, which is very low, but can hide their margin behind a much higher non-qualified rate.

4. 24/7 customer support

As a business owner, you know that time is money. You can’t afford to spend hours on hold while you wait for support to solve your problem. You need answers quickly. A great Sage mobile payment solution should provide 24/7 in-house customer support, so you can get the help you need at any time. You’ll have the privilege of speaking to a live representative who can process your inquiries and quickly resolve any issues. You should also know your relationship manager and be able to contact them directly with any questions regarding your account. Personalized support can help guarantee the lowest credit card fees for your business.

Get started with Sage mobile payments

If you have a mobile-based business, Sage mobile payments could increase your revenue and enhance payment security. You could also reduce your total processing costs without putting your customers’ credit card data at risk. The reduced processing costs and added convenience with entry and reporting also ends up saving money in the form of better time management. Now that you’ve seen the advantages of Sage mobile payments, you have the information you need to choose the right mobile payment solution for your business.


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