Smooth credit card processing is a critical requirement for business, but people often overlook it when searching for the best ERP system. Most ERP systems don’t have this functionality built in—often, credit card processing requires a lot of manual handling and data entry into a completely different system.

Not only does this increase your employees’ workloads and inflate your processing costs, it also decreases the potential accuracy and security of every transaction. Requiring an employee to enter a credit card number into a system and subsequently storing it in plaintext is never a good idea. It’s not Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant and can cause errors due to data entry and communication mix-ups.

To provide an elegant solution to these potential problems, Century Business Solutions partnered with My Office Apps Inc., the provider of Kechie ERP, a fully integrated, easy-to-use cloud ERP system. Kechie ERP seamlessly integrates with EBizCharge to offer our clients the ability to accept credit, debit, EMV, and ACH payments in the Kechie system.

Kechie is a next-generation ERP system optimized for small and medium enterprises. This solution is a fully integrated suite offering numerous modules, thus eliminating the need to purchase different pieces of software to run your business. Its comprehensive yet easy-to-use design is tailored for scalability and a better return on investment. It’s flexible and adapts to the way you manage your business, not the other way around.

Kechie ERP’s partnership integration with Century Business Solutions provides several key security features that add value to your business and protect your customers. Kechie never stores your customers’ actual credit card numbers in the database. Instead, Kechie works with EBizCharge to store customer information using the tokenization process for extra data security. The customer’s credit card number is entered once into the system for the initial add, and with the click of a button, this information is transmitted seamlessly in the background. A token is assigned to the customer and their specific credit card by EBizCharge and this information is securely stored in Kechie. This allows your business to use the customer’s credit card for repeat orders without revealing their secure data.

Your employees will appreciate the increased efficiency that comes when they don’t have to ask for and enter in credit card numbers each time. Not only that, they’ll appreciate how EBizCharge for Kechie tightly integrates with the rest of the system and reduces their workload. Once a credit card transaction is processed in Kechie, all data will synchronize in real time, including inventory, sales orders, accounts payable, production, procurement, RMA, and finance modules. This automation provides immediate and improved visibility into your business operations. End customers will appreciate using Kechie with EBizCharge because it’s a competitively priced solution backed by high security and great customer support.

If you’re in the market for an ERP system with automated credit card processing capability, you should definitely consider Kechie ERP with EBizCharge. Both are great solutions on their own, but when used together, they make for an impressive combination.

About the Author: Doug Finke

Doug Finke is a Marketing Consultant at My Office Apps, the providers of a cloud-based ERP solution named Kechie. He has over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry and has been involved with many different ERP systems. You can contact Doug at or (714) 486-1487.