by Guest Author January 6, 2021

Last Updated: January 6, 2021

If you’re tired of reporting for a run-of-the-mill 9 to 5 job, there may be something very exciting on the horizon. 

Starting your own business could be just the thing you need to find the excitement and joy you’re missing in your day-to-day life, and it could save your bank account too. A successful business could have you buying a new house in just a few years, but you have to take the time to lay a solid foundation first. 

Running your own business is a rewarding path, and you may uncover some of your own hidden strengths along the way. Take the time to research your possible path, and check out a few steps to starting your own small business now. 

  1. Dig in to research
  2. Write a plan for your business
  3. Figure out the funding
  4. Start building the hype
  5. Structure and register your business

1. Dig into research

Research is key when you’re planning to start a new business. You should start by researching yourself. Get a better understanding of your skills and what makes you thrive in a business setting. 

Finding a solid niche for yourself and your business is key. Once you’ve found a path to follow, research the market for your intended product or services. You have to see that there’s a clear market for your proposed operation before going all in.

2. Write a plan for your business

Now that you have a direction in which you want to take your new business, time to formulate a business plan. Get it all down on paper, so you have a loose structure for how you want your business to manifest. 

Clearly state your vision and mission for the business. Discuss pricing strategies, marketing and advertising, and a few of the main goals your hope to reach within the first year of operation. Don’t forget about cybersecurity!

3. Figure out the funding

It costs money to start making money, so it’s critical that you figure out where the money to start your business will be sourced. You may already have the money on your own, but most small business owners need an initial investment to get things started. 

You will need licenses, permits, trademark fees, insurance, and more to keep the business running in an orderly (and legal) fashion. Consider what crowdfunding can do to help you find the dough you need to get started.

4. Start building the hype

Before you ever launch your new business, it’s best to start building hype. You can design a business website or make a splash on social media to begin drumming up conversation about your products or services, so people are eager to engage when opening day arrives.

5. Structure and register your business

The paperwork involved in starting your own business may seem like a nightmare, but remind yourself that it’s a one-time deal. There’s yearly maintenance, of course, but the bulk of the red tape comes at the very beginning. 

Figure out which structure makes the most sense for your new business. Most small businesses are good to be structured as an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Make sure you properly register your business, and do the necessary research to obtain the right permits.


There are many other variables involved in creating a successful small business from scratch, and you can find almost all the answers you’ll ever need with a quick Google search. Don’t ever be afraid of a little research, and enter each situation presented along the way with a little bit of knowledge.

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