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Integrate, Improve, and Impress with EBizCharge

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When considering ways to improve your business practices, you might not immediately think about your payment processing. Most people treat their credit card processing like their bank account, internet access, or other utilities: a necessary, generic expense. But with an advanced solution like EBizCharge, your business can not just improve but also impress with high-level integration solutions that will save you both time and money.


integrate-improve-impress-with-ebizcharge-chainEBizCharge is an online payment solution for all your payment processing needs. Where it sets itself apart from other payment systems, however, is the advanced integration built-in at every level. Do you need to connect to an existing eCommerce shopping cart solution? EBizCharge integrates seamlessly with Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce, and many others. EBizCharge’s credit card processing integration is unlike any other because we have developed a way to pass more information through the point of sale, which helps us qualify cards at the lowest possible interchange rates with absolutely no additional work on your part. This means lower costs while maintaining your existing shopping cart’s look and feel.

How about your ERP or back-office accounting system? EBizCharge works inside QuickBooks, Exact Macola, SAP Business One, Sage products, and more, again maintaining the look and feel you’re used to, but adding the increased functionality of credit card processing directly into your accounting system. This means no more double entry into two systems, full transaction information for every credit card processed, more complete customer information, and just like with our shopping cart integration, the lowest interchange rates possible for your card transactions.

In addition to integrating into your existing software solutions, EBizCharge also works with your point-of-sale system and mobile payment solutions, combining every aspect of your payment acceptance routine into one familiar, easy-to-use, powerful system.


integrate-improve-impress-with-ebizcharge-payment-securityNow that you’ve integrated, you’ll immediately see improvement across all areas of your business. Accepting credit cards is as easy (or easier!) than it’s ever been before. Your accounting system now communicates directly with your payment system, saving you the extra work of maintaining information across multiple platforms. Even your credit card processing costs are lower with no additional work on your part. But that’s not all – EBizCharge also gives you a host of other features for your business:

  • Data encryption and data tokenization technology for maximum data security
  • Support for recurring payments from customers with standing orders or subscriptions
  • The ability to view ALL transactions over the entire life of your account
  • Search tools for over 45 different criteria including partial card number, partial address, and item description
  • Automatic and customizable reporting features
  • Multiple logins and advanced user rights management
  • 24/7 in-house customer support and a proactive chargeback management team, both ready to assist you in case of any problems

When taken together, all the features and benefits of EBizCharge boil down to one thing: running your business is easier now than before. You’ve got more time for other business needs, fewer headaches in your payment acceptance routine, and more and better information about your customers. I’d call that an improvement.



integrate-improve-impress-with-ebizcharge-impress-pillarYou’ve smoothed out your internal operations, and now it’s time to impress. Your customers might not know the inside details of how your business works, but they too will benefit from EBizCharge. Our solutions let you accept payments in ways you may not have been able to before – on the phone, in person at your place of business, and even on-the-go on a service call, at a trade show, or anywhere your customers may be. What your customers won’t see, however, is that EBizCharge is completely PCI compliant, so you can rest assured that how you accept their payment, your customers’ credit card information is completely safe. All credit card data is stored in our own virtual vault, encrypted and tokenized, and never on your own server or desktop. Keeping your customers’ data secure might not make you stand out, but you can be sure that a data breach will, and not in a good way.

You can also use the data integration features of EBizCharge to differentiate yourself from your competition. All of your customer data, from orders to invoices to credit card history is consolidated, searchable and available in a variety of report formats. Customers with recurring standing orders or subscriptions can choose to have their cards charged automatically, saving them time and bringing in revenue for you without additional work. You can proactively monitor your orders and anticipate the needs of your customers (or just a subset of them, based on the reports you can create). EBizCharge gives you the tools you need to provide the next level of service.


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