While out in the field, merchants without a mobile POS system are unable to accept credit card payments. If customers want to pay by card, they must pay over the phone. Merchants who do a lot of field work find this method ineffective and time-consuming.

However, merchants who step into the field with a mobile POS system in hand not only save time by taking payments onsite, but also appear more professional. Most large companies that do field work come equipped with mobile POS systems. Arriving prepared gives your customers a sense of security. A mobile POS system for Epicor shows your customers that your business is established and professional.

Aside from appearing professional, a mobile POS system makes your business run more smoothly. With EBizCharge for Epicor, you’ll save time, stay organized, and keep all of your Epicor transactions up to date—even when you take payments out in the field.

3 advantages of mobile POS software

  1. Check your current inventory

When you’re out in the field, it’s convenient to know what’s in stock in your inventory.

If you’re fixing a sink and need a faucet replacement part, the mobile POS for Epicor gives you access to your company’s inventory. From the mobile app, you can update the reduced faucet inventory count. You can then sync that information to your Epicor ERP software.

When your inventory stays up to date, you and your team save time by knowing which parts are available during field calls.

  1. Accept payments in the field

The ability to accept credit card payments while in the field saves you time and energy.

Pull up a sales order or invoice on your phone and apply a credit card payment wherever work calls you. Payments made using the EBizCharge mobile app can be synced to your Epicor ERP software. This automation saves you and your accounting team time by cutting out manual data entry.

  1. Pull up customer information

Imagine you show up to a job site and no one is there. And you forgot to jot down the phone number beforehand. Now what do you do?

It’s simple. Use the EBizCharge mobile app for Epicor to pull up your customer’s information and access their phone number.

The EBizCharge mobile POS for Epicor provides you with current customer data anywhere you go. And if your client asks you to update their billing address or phone number, you can do it on the spot. Any adjustments you make through the mobile app sync to your ERP software so you don’t need to enter information twice.

Secure transactions with the EBizCharge mobile app

The EBizCharge mobile app for Epicor is PCI compliant and uses the latest tokenization technology.

Tokenization is a secure method to save credit cards so they can be reused in the future. A token, which consists of random numbers, is created for each credit card you process in EBizCharge. That token replaces the original credit card number, leaving only the last four digits behind to make the card recognizable. The actual card data is sent to a secure off-site vault.

Tokenization saves you time by allowing you to access credit card data for repeat customers without much effort.

Other benefits of EBizCharge

Using EBizCharge as your credit card processor provides you with advantages far beyond the mobile app. EBizCharge allows you to process credit card payments directly in your Epicor software. Our in-house support team provides free training and support with no development downtime.

You’ll get set up with a customer payment portal where customers can pay their invoices online. EBizCharge for Epicor also lets you send email invoices that include a payment link. When clicked, the link allows customers to make a payment through a secure web page.

Aside from these convenient online payment features, EBizCharge also lowers processing fees, has next-day funding options, and provides the ability to set up recurring billing schedules.

Interested in EBizCharge?

If your business could benefit from a mobile POS system for Epicor, then contact us. Our team is ready to answer your questions, address your concerns, and get you started.