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Emily is a content writer, delving into the inner workings of the credit card processing industry and searching for strategies to improve the work experience.

The Evolution of Accounting: The Rise of Robots

“Is Artificial Intelligence Set to Replace Accountants in the Future?” “Should Accountants Be Worried About Artificial Intelligence?” “Will Accountants Become Obsolete?” Accountants are not the only professionals whose job parameters will shift drastically with the introduction of artificial intelligence—a University of Oxford study estimates [...]


The Evolution of Accounting: 4 Career Branches

“Accounting” and “tax preparation” have become fairly synonymous since the government began leveraging income tax in 1913, but both the history and the profession of accountancy encompass much more than tax claims. The stereotype of white-collar workers who sit in their offices, frantically filing [...]


The Evolution of Accounting: From Chicken Trading to Robot Computing

Accounting in the Past: A Profession Older than Writing It’s difficult to picture an accountant or bookkeeper at work without including some kind of technological innovation in the mental image—even a rudimentary one, like a calculator or adding machine. But the accountancy profession, in [...]


2 Payment Innovations to Boost Your Business

Has the Information Age run its course? The court of public opinion hasn’t reached a verdict yet, but no one disagrees that technological development continues to progress at lightning speeds. The dial-up days are far behind us, and the imminent introduction of 5G promises [...]

eCommerce and mCommerce: The New Fraud Frontiers

As security gets tighter, fraudsters get sneakier With the advent of EMV chip cards and digital wallets, card-present transactions (those that take place at a brick-and-mortar location with a physical payment method or digital wallet) have become almost fraud-proof. As a result, scammers and [...]

Team Member Engagement: How to Identify and Leverage Strengths

In an era marked by low employee engagement and high burnout rates, managers are striving to create cohesive teams that produce quality work and offer innovative ideas. What’s the secret to unlocking each team member’s true potential? Engagement, defined as involvement in, enthusiasm about, [...]

Workplace Burnout: What, Who, Why, and What Now

What is it? “Workplace burnout.” It’s a phrase often tossed around, and its prevalence is trending steadily upward. The World Health Organization has upgraded it from a “state” to an “occupational phenomenon” in the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases, and committed [...]

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