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Epicor Credit Card Processing for Merchants in Canada

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Epicor is an ERP provider with an eye on the future, committed to creating flexible, scalable software that fits clients’ current needs and anticipates their growth and expansion. The Epicor platform enhances financial and operational productivity and is remarkably scalable to fit businesses of any size.

Without a payment integration, however, you won’t be able to fully take advantage of Epicor’s productivity potential. You’ll need to payment solution that seamlessly integrates to provide hassle-free Epicor credit card processing for merchants in Canada.

A quick search for payment integrations likely turns up an overwhelming number of results, even if you’re looking specifically for Epicor-compatible options. How do you know where to start?

A good credit card processor will simplify your billing workflow, lower your rates, keep your customers’ sensitive data safe, be backed by a support team you can trust, and offer additional solutions like email pay and mobile options for greater customer convenience.


Simplified payments

Processing credit card transactions with a payment integration will make you wish you had one of those giant red “That Was Easy” buttons that were briefly cool in 2005. The payment integration should be easy to deploy and effortless to learn, and payment acceptance inside Epicor should be smooth and painless. Whether you take payments over the phone, online through a payment portal or eCommerce platform, or in the field with a mobile device, your transactions should sync back to Epicor and your accounts receivable and general ledger should update automatically to reflect the payment.

Look for a payment integration, like EBizCharge from Century Business Solutions, that offers unlimited transaction history, customizable reports with over 45 different search criteria, and the ability to sort through transactions by category, so you never lose track of an invoice again.

Additionally, some integrated payment solutions offer next-day funding and immediate release of funds for refunded transactions, as well as a chargeback management team that can guide you through the proper steps when chargeback disputes arise. These tools will help you respond to and provide reimbursement for your customers as quickly as possible.


Significant savings

Not only will a reputable credit card processor offer a transparent pricing plan with no contract requirements, it will also save you money by qualifying your transactions at the lowest possible interchange rates. Some payment processors can deliver Level 3 pricing, which can save you as much as 1.5% on every transaction.

There are more than 20 line-item details that must pass through the point of sale every time you charge a customer, and most software interfaces require businesses to enter these details manually. A payment integration like EBizCharge, however, automatically takes the line-item data and invoice information stored in Epicor and sends it to our proprietary payment gateway. This qualifies the cards you accept at reduced interchange rates for lower overall processing fees.

Look for a payment integration provider that offers flat rate pricing for the simplest, most predictable statements. In addition, the provider should charge no setup, upgrade, maintenance, or cancellation fees.


Security you can trust

According to the Canadian Bankers Association, credit card fraud increased by 71% between 2008 and 2014. Fraud is on the rise, and it’s up to merchants in Canada to find safe and secure Epicor credit card processing.

Data breaches cost businesses $3 million on average, making your customers’ sensitive data one of your greatest liabilities. It’s your responsibility to keep it safe from hackers and fraud. But if you choose a credit card processor wisely, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your credit card information is protected by the latest in transaction security technology.

Find a provider that employs encryption and tokenization in order to reduce your legal and financial responsibilities. With tokenization, a unique token that can only be decrypted by a specific system replaces each credit card number. The token is then stored on secure off-site servers and used for future transactions as needed. This process makes hacking or deciphering your credit card data virtually impossible.

If you process credit cards, you need to maintain PCI compliance and uphold TLS 1.2 standards. Trying to do so on your own can quickly turn into the stuff of nightmares, but a good payment integration will adhere to PCI standards to reduce security risks for your business and help you avoid noncompliance fees.


Support you can reach

Businesses operate on a wide variety of schedules. To avoid downtime, no matter what the hour, find a credit card processor that offers an easily reached, readily available support team. In-house support cuts out the middleman and significantly reduces the amount of time you have to wait to talk to a representative, lowering your stress and getting your business back online faster.

A larger credit card processing company might seem like the way to go, but a smaller company will often designate a single point of contact for your account. You’ll be able to reach someone easily when you have a question or a problem, and you can be confident that they’re familiar with your business and can provide valuable insight.


Time-saving solutions

When is a credit card processor not just a credit card processor? When it offers integrations equipped with features like email invoicing, a customer payment portal, recurring billing, and mobile functionalities. These tools simplify payment collections even further and increase the predictability of your cash flow, giving you the freedom to direct your valuable resources toward pursuits that benefit your business.

With an integration like EBizCharge, you can email your customers links to secure webforms so that they can pay off their invoices on their own time. If they need to make partial payments, or have multiple outstanding invoices, they can log in through a protected customer payment portal to review their statements and make payments from anywhere, at any time. Whether payments are made through emailed webforms or the customer payment portal, they will sync back to Epicor and your accounts receivable and general ledger will automatically update to reflect the received payments.

Recurring billing allows you to put your terms customers on a schedule and charge their accounts automatically at predetermined intervals. When you don’t have to manually invoice repeat customers every month, or coordinate a specific time and date to settle outstanding invoices, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

Some payment integrations offer a mobile app that gives you the ability to take payments, view transactions and reports, check your inventory, and access and edit customer information on the go. With an app like EBizCharge Mobile, you can create new invoices or take payment on existing ones and sync them back to your Epicor platform for easy reconciliation. The app carries the same guarantees as EBizCharge desktop integrations and is backed by equally stringent security measures and the same easily reached support team.

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Start today

When it comes to Epicor credit card processing, merchants in Canada don’t need to sweat. Payment integrations like EBizCharge make it easy to accept credit and debit card payments directly inside Epicor. And with added features like email pay and recurring billing, you can save even more time on accounting processes and focus on building your business.

Designed for full functionality right out of the box, EBizCharge qualifies the cards you accept at the lowest possible rates for the most affordable credit card processing for Epicor. EBizCharge integrates seamlessly, gives you access to unlimited transaction and batch history, and upholds PCI and TLS 1.2 security standards.

Contact us for a free demo and see how EBizCharge could transform the way you process credit cards. Simplify your payment acceptance in Epicor today.


Emily Macadam

Emily is a content writer, delving into the inner workings of the credit card processing industry and searching for strategies to improve the work experience.

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